A skill I miss using is the DOS Tree from Windows 3.1. I was talking about that with a friend of mine online and they pointed me toward this Web site. What you’ll find here is an A to Z listing of skills that have become obsolete over time. Let’s check it out!

You’ll find the link to the A to Z listing of obsolete skills on the side menu. Some examples of those skills are:

Be Kind, Rewind
Centering Text on a Typewriter
Formatting a Floppy Disk
Letter Writing
Quill Sharpening
Tying Shoes with Hook Laces

Each one is linked to its entry, so you can click on the title to learn more. The entry will describe the following:

Field, Went Obsolete, Made Obsolete By, Knowledge Assumed and When Useful. They might also have a more descriptive entry after those sections are filled out.

On the main page, you’ll also find a link to a list of new skills that have never been heard of before. That listing is set up the same way as the list of obsolete skills.

Some examples are:

Adobe Photoshop Skills
Maintain an Online Identity
Protect Personal Identity from Theft
Send a Text Message
Understanding That a Mouse Doesn’t Necessarily Have Fur

I think these lists give an interesting look into the way our lives have changed over the years!


~ Amanda