Password Bird

I like to change my passwords frequently for my own security, but sometimes I can’t think of good passwords to use. But with this Web site, I (and you) will never have that problem again!

Password Bird will help you create a password that is unique, but also relevant to you. It’s easy to use and it has a lot of variety, so you can really switch it up as much as you want. Are you ready to get started? Then let’s go!

To begin, Password Bird asks you three questions:

What is a special name to you?
Is there a word that is special to you?
Do you have a special date?

For example:

What is a special name to you? Amanda
Is there a word that is special to you? WorldStart
Do you have a special date? 04-17-08

Once you’ve answered all three of the questions, click Create Password.

Here are a few example passwords it generated from my answers: 20worama, ama08art and artama13.

If you don’t like the password it creates the first time, you can click the link under it that says “Don’t like it?”

One of the links will randomly generate a new password from the information you provided the first time. The other link will take you back to the main page where you can change the information you gave.

You can also check out the About Us section near the bottom of the page. There you can learn about who made the generator and why!

This is a very handy site I’m sure I will be using all the time. I hope you do too!

~ Amanda