Vista Update Wreaks Havoc

Are you a Windows Vista user? If so, have you been experiencing some problems with some of your USB devices within the last couple of days? Perhaps your keyboard and mouse just stopped working or maybe you’re having trouble with some of your other devices. Either way, what a pain, right?! I mean, how are you supposed to get any of your work done on your computer if the devices you count on everyday don’t even work? Well, keep reading as I explain what happened and what you can do about it!

On April 17, 2008 (just last Thursday), Microsoft made an announcement that one of their recent Windows Vista updates didn’t mix so well with certain USB devices. If you’re a Vista user, you probably know that a Windows Defender update came through to your computer last week. That update was intended to patch a critical hole in the Defender program and while that may have worked, it did the opposite for USB devices like keyboards and mice. Yep, it caused them to stop working completely.

Unfortunately, even though Microsoft is aware of the problem, they are only “investigating the matter” and they don’t have any further information about it as of yet. So, all I can really tell you right now is to hang tight. If you’re having trouble with your devices, just try to be patient and wait for Microsoft to fix this. I will also continue to keep you updated on this. As soon as I hear anything, you all will be the first to know. No doubt about it!

~ Erin