New Release: Firefox

I have even more great news for all you Firefox users out there! Yep, another new version is complete and Mozilla welcomed it into their family early last week. So, just in case you haven’t heard, on April 16, 2008, Firefox was released and it is now available for download. It hasn’t been too long since version came out, but like I always say, if the Mozilla team sees something that needs to be changed, they don’t waste time. Let’s check this one out, shall we?!

Aside from all the normal things, it looks like there was only one major fix this time and it had to do with a crash problem found in the JavaScript garbage collector. Chances are, many of you have been dealing with JavaScript issues while using your Firefox Web browser and now you know why. This bug was taken care of though, so you shouldn’t have any more trouble.

Now, if you haven’t done so already, I urge you to download the new version as soon as possible. When you’re ready, you can download Firefox right here. Or, you can always get the update through your Firefox browser itself. Just open it up and go to Help, Check for Updates. The download will run and with a quick restart, you’ll be good to go once again. So, until the next update, here’s to a bigger and better Firefox!

~ Erin