I’ve been using your new gadgets and checking out your new homepage pretty much everyday and I was just wondering if you guys are working on anything else. I love everything you put out, so I just wanted to make sure I’m not missing anything. Thanks for all your help!

Well, thank you very much for asking! Over the past few weeks, we here at WorldStart have been telling you about some new features we have put together for you. So far, we have talked about our new WorldStart Gadgets and our brand new homepage. We have gotten so much positive feedback about these new features, so thank you all for letting us know what you think!

Since we have had such a great response from our new additions, we have decided to add a few more! Today, I’m happy to tell you about our new browser search option and our new feeds. These new features make it even easier to have our computer knowledge right at your finger tips!

Browser Search

Our new browser search feature is something I am very excited about! As you may recall, last week, we wrote about Internet Explorer 7’s search tool (you can read that article here). It’s the little box that sits in the top right hand corner of the browser from which you can search. Here’s what it looks like:

That little box is a great tool to use for searching on all kinds of Web sites. You can add as many search providers as you want by simply clicking on the little arrow to the right of the box. So, now that I’ve explained it, let me get to the point. You can now add WorldStart to your search box. Yes! And here’s how you do it:

First, to add the search box for the first time, you need to go to our Web site: http://www.worldstart.com.

Second, once you’re on our site, look at your search box. You should see that the little arrow to the right of the box has turned orange. That means you have a new search option available.

Third, click on the arrow and go to Add Search Providers. Then click on WorldStart Tips Search.

You will then be asked if you’re sure you want to add us. If you are, click on Add Provider.

Now you can search our archive of over 4,000 computer tips with the simple press of a button. To use the search option, type in what you’re looking for, click on the arrow and choose WorldStart Tips Search. You will then be given the search results from our Web site. Cool, huh?!

Note: For those of you who use Firefox, this feature works for you too! The steps are exactly the same.

New Feeds

As I mentioned above, our second new feature is more RSS feeds. I know many of you out there already use our current computer tips feed. We have had that feed running for some time now and because of its popularity, we have decided to add a few more. If you take a look at our feeds page, you will see that we have added three brand new feeds, along with some other options. We now offer a feed for our Just for Grins newsletter, our Life’s Adventures newsletter and our Computer Tips archive. Along with those new feeds, there are some new options on our feeds Web page as well. You can now add our feed to several popular news readers with one simple click or you can bookmark them in your browser. For all the information you need, just visit this Web page.

I hope you enjoy all of our brand new features!

~ Gary