Have you ever felt like one desktop is just not enough for everything you have running on your computer? I know I have! Well, today, I have a free download for you that will help solve that problem. The program is called VirtuaWin and it sets your computer up for virtual desktops. For example, with a virtual desktop, you can have a program running on one desktop and then simply press a keyboard command to switch over to a brand new desktop that runs different programs and files. VirtuaWin is very easy to install and it requires no setup at all.

After installing the program, you can press the Windows key on your keyboard + any arrow key to switch between your virtual desktops. There’s even a little system tray icon that shows you which virtual desktop you’re on at any given time.

This little program is very handy and it’s completely free. You can learn more about VirtuaWin on the manufacturer’s Web site or you can download it for yourself right here. Just click on the VirtuaWin 4.0 link (the very first one) and you’ll be good to go. Enjoy!

~ Gary