Do you use Firefox? If so, do you handle a lot of links while you’re surfing the Web or are you always using a bunch of tabs and windows at the same time? If that sounds familiar, I’ve got the perfect program for you today! It’s called Linky and it’s a great little tool that helps you along whenever you’re working with links in Firefox. Let’s check it out, shall we?!

1.) To download Linky, go here and click on the link in the gray box that says “Install latest version of Linky.”

2.) Click Install Now and Linky will begin to install.

3.) Restart Firefox and then go to WorldStart’s homepage:

4.) Right click anywhere on the page and then hover over the option that says Linky. Once you do that, a handy little toolbar will materialize right in front of your eyes!

5.) For example, did you know that WorldStart’s homepage has 44 links and 27 images? No, I didn’t hand count them. I used Linky!

Apart from counting the number of links on a page, Linky can also open every single link on a page, open every image link on a page and it even shows every single image on the page in a separate tab. How cool is that?! And that’s not all Linky can do. Here are a couple more examples!

Images Galore

To open every single image on a page in a new tab, follow these simple instructions:

1.) Choose a Web page and then right click anywhere on it.

2.) Hover over the option that says Linky.

3.) Now, choose “Show all images in one tab.”

4.) Next, you need to choose which images you’d like to open. If you want all of them, go ahead and click Open Selected Links. If not, uncheck “Select all of the links” and then check each image you want to open. Like this:

5.) In a separate tab, your images will be displayed!

But wait, there’s more! If for whatever reason you want to open a load of links on a page all in separate tabs, Linky can help you with that too! With Linky, you don’t have to individually open each and every link you want. You can just use the text box interface shown above for all your links as well!

For example, go to WorldStart’s Web site and right click. Choose Linky and then select “Open all links in tabs.” If you want to open every link, just click on Open Selected Links. If not, uncheck “Select all of the links” and choose the ones you wish to open. You can also open all of the links you have previously viewed by doing this:

1.) Open the Linky interface (right click, Linky, “Open all links in tabs“).

2.) Uncheck “Select all of the links.”

3.) Now, check “Select already visited links” and then click “Open selected links.”

4.) You’ll then be presented with every link you’ve clicked on before in a separate tab!

Give Linky a try today!

~ Brandon Zubek