Bodocus sounds weird, right? Well, it stands for Best Online Documentaries and what you get is a comprehensive list of the best documentaries you can watch for free. That’s right, for free!

You’ll find navigation on the side menu to the left. It’s a listing of the categories and when you mouse over them, another menu pops out with even more categories and videos to choose from.

For example, if you mouse over Biographies, another menu pops up that has two sections: A-M and N-Z. Then if you mouse over either of those, you’ll see the documentaries in that section!

The different categories are: Anthropology, Biographies, Business, Environment, Foreign, (Geo)Politics, Health, History, Lifestyle/Society, Mystery, Religion, Science and Technology/Future.

Once you’ve selected the documentary you want to watch, it’ll take you directly to the video. Press the Play button on the video and you’re good to go! If you find a video link that doesn’t work, you can report it as well.

To report a broken link, click the “Help me find broken links” link beneath the logo. That will open your computer’s default e-mail client with the e-mail address you can send the message to.

If you don’t use that e-mail client, you can just copy and paste the e-mail address into a new e-mail in the program you use. Make sure you also put the right subject in the subject line, which is “Broken Links.”

This is a fantastic Web site for documentaries and I hope you enjoy it!

~ Amanda