Visual Dictionary

Welcome to the Visual Dictionary, brought to you by Merriam-Webster! On the main page, you’ll find a picture index you can use to navigate through the topics. Or, you can use the side menu and select a topic by name.

There are 15 topics with 6,000 images that explain words like never before. They are: Astronomy, Earth, Plants and Gardening, Animal Kingdom, Human Being, Food and Kitchen, House, Clothing and Articles, Arts and Architecture, Communications, Transport and Machinery, Energy, Science, Society and Sports and Games.

If you scroll down the main page, you’ll find an example of what you’re getting in the image of a strawberry. It shows all the different parts of the strawberry. I went to Food and Kitchen to find the strawberry entry to see what else there was to learn. It briefly explained how the strawberry was cultivated and what it is used for. Beneath that was the entry for raspberry, which also had an image of its different parts. Those two were very interesting to compare. Needless to say, I was lost in the food section for quite some time!

At the top of the page, there’s a cool section called Game of the Week, where you can put your skills to the test as to how good you are with words. The last time I visited the game was trumpet and you had to label all the different parts of the trumpet. Click on the Play button to begin. At the bottom, there will be a word you can drag and drop with your mouse to put it in the place you think it belongs. If you’re correct, it will go there and if not, you’ll hear a little ding noise, letting you know it’s wrong. The game was very fun and challenging!

I hope you enjoy this visual look into the dictionary. I know I did!

~ Amanda