Microsoft Virtual PC

Have you ever tried to install a program, only to find out later that it is not compatible with your operating system? I’m sure that has happened to all of you at least once. Well, today, I have a download for you that just might fix all of your compatibility issues! The program is called Microsoft Virtual PC. Let’s check it out!

Virtual PC is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP and what it does is simply amazing! With Virtual PC, you can run several versions of Windows on your computer all at once. For example, let’s say you have Windows Vista, but you used to have Windows XP. You have a bunch of programs you’d like to use, but they are not compatible with Vista. Well, with Virtual PC, you can install Windows XP on your Vista computer and have them both! That way, if you want to run an XP application, all you have to do is start the XP virtual computer on your Vista system and then install the program you want to use. Since the program is installed on the XP virtual computer, it will run just like it was installed on XP!

This program can turn any Windows operating system into a virtual PC. So, that means you can install Windows 2000, 98, ME or even 95 if you wanted to.

Keep in mind though, this only works if you have the Windows installation disk for the version you want to turn into a virtual PC. It’s just like installing the operating system on any other computer.

Microsoft has some great information about this program on their Web site as well. You can learn more about Virtual PC and download it for yourself right here. Enjoy!

~ Gary