TypeRacer is a very addicting, but fun Web site where you can build up your typing skills with lots of practice!

Navigation is easy, because you have four choices:

Race Against Others – Here you will compete against other players on the site to complete a typing challenge. The typing challenge is a paragraph of text you have to type when the countdown hits zero and the race begins! You need to type quickly and accurately. If you make a typo, you have to fix it before continuing on. You can either look at the whole paragraph or you can click on the “show just one line of text” option. When the race is over, you’ll see your score, your WPM (words per minute) and you have the option to leave or race again.

Practice – Here you can race by yourself for practice. I do much better here, because racing against other people makes me sloppy when I’m trying to win the race.

Race Your Friends – Do you want to race your friends? If you do, click here and invite them to a race! It will give you a link to share with them so that they can come race with you. If they have Orkut, MySpace or Hi5, there will be a code you can give them to come join you.

Join a Private Race – This is where your friends can go to put in the code from your invitation (only for Orkut, MySpace or Hi5).

I’m so happy I was able to share this cool site with you. I think it’s an excellent place to practice your typing in a very fun way!


~ Amanda