So many people have asked me about an easy way to make screenshots. You know, taking a picture of what’s on your screen so that you can show it to others. Well, in the past, I have always made my screenshots the hard way. I would take the screenshot by pressing the Print Screen button on my keyboard, open up my photo editing program, paste in the image, crop the image and then finally save it and use it. What a mess!

That’s all going to change today though, thanks to a really cool program I found called Screenshot Captor. This free program allows you to easily take and work with screenshots. There are so many neat settings and effects you can use, you will be blown away. I can’t believe I didn’t find this program sooner! Here’s an example of a screenshot I took with Screenshot Captor:

See how awesome it is?! This program allows you to choose what part of the screen you want to capture and it gives you the option of adding special effects, such as blur, captions, arrows and so much more. I can’t even begin to describe all of the options available! The only way to truly see all of the features in Screenshot Captor is to download it for yourself, which you can do right here.

Go to the Web site, scroll down to the bottom and click on Download Screenshot Captor Now.

Note: This program is free, but it requires a free license. There are simple instructions included with the program, so if you follow those, you will be just fine. If you choose not to get the free license, the program will remind you when you try to launch it. Enjoy!

~ Gary