Good Tutorials

Whether you’re building a Web site, taking photographs or trying to get the most out of Photoshop, a good tutorial is always welcome. And that’s where this Web site comes into play! Plus, if you register for an account, you can even keep track of the tutorials you’ve looked at and the ones you still need to see. It’s very easy to register too. Just click on the Create Account tab, fill in the required fields and then click on the Submit button.

The tutorials are broken down into 13 categories: CSS, Flash, HTML, Illustrator, Java, JavaScript, Maya, Photography, Photoshop, PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and 3ds Max.

On the main page, you’ll also find the 15 Newest Tutorials. When I visited, there was an excellent tutorial on learning the interface for Photoshop, which can be quite overwhelming if you’ve never used it before.

You’ll also notice some links beneath the articles. They are: Rating, Clicks, Comments, Save, Share and Report. If you want to save an article, click on the Save link and it will display another link you can use to save the article.

If you’ve registered, you’ll find the articles you save under the Account Name tab. The menu for that section includes the following areas: Profile, Submitted, Saved, Comments and Tutorial Comments. So, if you click on Saved, you can see how many articles you’ve kept. If you click on Comments, it will show you how many comments you have left. And so on.

This is a very helpful tutorial Web site and I hope you’ll add it to your Favorites. I know I did!

~ Amanda