I have fallen in love with this Web site! Out of all the reminder sites I have shown you, this one is my favorite. You can even test drive it before you take the plunge and sign up. How cool is that?!

The instructions I’m giving you for birthdays and events work in the Test Drive mode, except for importing or requesting friends to send you their birth dates. In order to save them, you’ll have to register, which is free!

To register, click on the Sign Me Up button. Then just provide an e-mail address, create a password, select your time zone, type in the code they give you and then click on the Create My Account button. Then just head on over to the e-mail address you provided to confirm everything and you’ll be all set!

Once you’re signed in, you will see three main tabs:

Home – On this page, you’ll find navigation for adding birthdays and events. There’s also a navigation strip under the tabs where you’ll find Upcoming Events and My Account links. You will be on the Upcoming Events page by default. If you click on My Account, you can edit the information you signed up with and resend your activation link, if need be.

Birthdays – On the navigation strip for this section, you’ll find: View All Birthdays, Add New Birthday, Import and Get Friend’s Birthday. You’ll be on View All Birthdays by default.

Adding a birthday is easy! Just click Add New Birthday or use the Birthday Quick Add on the right side of the page. It will ask you for the name of the person whose birthday you want to add, as well as, when you want to be reminded of their birthday.

The Import option allows you to import birthdays from your e-mail address. You can select the provider from these choices: Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail. In the next step, sign in to that address and then select contacts from your address book to add to your reminder list. Click on the Import button when you’re finished and you’ll be on your way!

Get Friend’s Birthday lets you send your friends an e-mail, asking for their birth date. It comes with a message you can completely customize, which makes it even easier to get your friends to help you remember their birthdays!

Events – On the navigation strip, you’ll find View Events and Add New Event.

Click on Add New Event, give it a title, put in the date, decide whether you want a one time or repeating alarm, set the time of the alarm, write a message to yourself about the event and then click Save. It’s that easy!

With this Web site, you’ll never forget an important date or birthday again!

~ Amanda