Fix Up My Pic

Have you ever wanted to have your photos fixed up professionally? Did you hold back, because you thought it would cost a fortune to do so? That’s what I thought too, but as it turns out, I was wrong. Yep, you can fix up your pictures like a pro with this free Web site. So, let’s go fix up your pics!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to do too! There are just three steps involved: Upload, Customize and Share. I suggest you start your visit with the Styles section. That way, you can see what you can do to your photos before you start filling out the form on the Upload page.

Styles – This section shows you what you can do to the image you’re submitting. You can mix them up any way you want as well. They are: Airbrushing, Frames/Layouts, Effects and Color Style.

For example, I chose to have Airbrushing and Color Style done to the photo I submitted. It’s so cool!

Once you’ve decided what you want done to your image, head on over to the Upload section. You can upload any image that is a .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .png or .tiff. They can also be as large as 8 MB. On the Upload form, you need to provide a working e-mail address, a description of what you want done and your age. You can then upload the file by clicking on the Choose button and selecting it from your hard drive. When you’re all set and ready to go, simply click Submit.

If you run into a snag, the customer service is excellent as well! I ran into a problem while uploading my photo and they were very prompt in helping me out. My problem was fixed by the end of the day and I was good to go!

When they’re done fixing your image, you’ll receive an e-mail from them that contains a link to your image. Click on the link and you’ll be whisked away to your spot in the gallery. (You can request to have it removed from the gallery if you’d like). In the bottom right hand corner of your image, you’ll see a menu. Mouse over it and you’ll be given a list of things you can do with your image. They are: Zoom, E-mail, Link, Embed and Print. To save the image, you need to click on the link above the image that says “Download This Photo.” That will give you an image you can right click and save.

You can see my example right here.

If you look below the image, you will see all of the social networking sites where you can post your newly fixed picture. If you want to do that, simply choose the one you want, follow the instructions and you’ll have it posted in no time! Or, if you’d rather post it on those sites yourself, you can just copy and paste the code they provide.

This is a stellar free service and I can’t wait to use it again. Check it out today!

~ Amanda