Welcome to A.nnotate, a Web site where you can upload a document or Web page you need feedback for, without the hassle of having to e-mail it back and forth for changes and commentary. And best of all, you can do it all for free!

On the main page, there’s a demo video that describes everything you can do with A.nnotate, as well as, some tips on how to use it. You can try it out without registering, but you’ll need to register to save or share your work.

Registration is very easy as well! Just type in your e-mail address, click on the Log in/Register button and then go check your e-mail to get your password. Also, make sure you click on the confirmation link in the e-mail. Once you do that, you should be automatically logged in and you can begin!

To get started, you need to either upload a document or type in a Web address that the application can convert to .PDF. To upload a document, click on the Choose button and select it from your computer. For a Web page, type in the URL of the site and then click on the Take a Snapshot button.

If you’re already registered, you’ll be able to use the Upload a New Document and New Webshot buttons near the top of the page to do the very same thing. Once your document or Webshot has loaded, you can begin.

I decided to take a Webshot for an example and I used WorldStart’s Web page. Once it loaded, there was a gray navigation bar with these options: Snapshot, Notes, New Note and Send E-mail.

Snapshot is the default page you’ll be on and it shows you the Web page you took a snapshot of.

Notes will show you any comments anyone has made on the Web page.

New Note allows you to add a comment or note to the document.

Send E-mail allows you to send the document to the person you need or want to look over it.

There are tons of uses for this site, so I urge you to go and find them. Have fun!


~ Amanda