As you may recall, the term “iHome” was mentioned in one of our recent advertisements and ever since, I have been getting tons of e-mails about it. Many of you have told me that you’ve never heard of iHome and you have no clue what it is. On the other hand, a few of you have heard of the term before, but you’d still like more information about it. Whatever your case may be, you no longer have to wonder, because I’m here today to help. Let’s check this out, shall we?!

Basically, iHome is one device that serves several purposes. It’s an iPod dock, an alarm clock, a radio and an iPod sound system. Yep, all of those things are rolled into one device and it’s called iHome. It has also won various awards for its unique features and custom designs. Impressive, huh?!

Now, there are several different types of iHome and they fall into two categories: Home Audio and Portable Audio. Under Home Audio, you can get everything from the iH4, which is a standard iPod with an alarm clock to the iH36, which is an iPod dock, alarm clock and radio combined. For Portable Audio, the models range from the iHM2 (an iPod Nano portable speaker) to the iH31, which is a stereo boombox for the iPod. As you can see, iHome includes just a little bit of everything and there’s something for everyone. You can find iHome systems at any regular computer store or you can search for them online. Awesome!

~ Erin