By now, you all know that I have a to-do list addiction! And today, I’ve found yet another way to make my life (and yours) easier with this free to-do list manager Web site!

The great thing about it is it uses your Web browser to create its own tab. So, basically, it’s a free tabbed to-do list manager! If you don’t like tabbed browsing, you can make a pop up list manager instead or you can add it to your iGoogle homepage (if you have one).

Let’s get started! To begin, simply choose how you would like to use the site from the three colored squares on the main page: red for tabbed browsing, green for pop up and blue for Google.

I chose red, because I adore tabbed browsing, but choose whatever will work the best for you. Next, you need to register. To do that, click on the little pencil icon at the bottom of the application. That will take you to the log in screen. Click on the Register Now tab, fill out the form and then hit the Register button.

As soon as you register, you’re logged in and ready to go! Now, as you’ve probably guessed, navigation is down at the bottom of the application and here’s what all of those buttons do:

Pencil – Log in. This icon will change to a small blue person once you’re logged in.

Paper with plus sign – This icon allows you to create a new list. Once you click on it, a text field will come up for you to type in. Just type in a name for your list and hit the Add button.

Envelope with plus sign – This one lets you add items to your newly created list. Just type in what you have to do and click on the Add button. You can do that as many times as you need or until your list is complete.

Monitor screen and list – This icon lets you rename your list.

Printer – This one allows you to print out your list.

Envelope with arrow – This icon lets you e-mail invitations to your friends so that they can join Listaculous too!

Window with up arrow – This one lets you push your list out into a pop up window instead of a tab.

Color Windows – This icon lets you select a different color scheme for your list.

Trash can – This icon allows you to drag items from your list to delete them. When you go to delete them, you’ll get a confirmation window so that you don’t accidentally delete something you need.

As you complete your list, you can check the box in front of the items you added to mark them off your list. Or, you can use the red x next to the item to delete it from your list.

Also, if you use the Google application, you get more options for color schemes and you can resize your lists.

This Web site is a great way to create your to-do lists, shopping lists and more. Check it out!

~ Amanda