Watch That Page

With this Web site, you can now keep track of when all your favorite Web pages update! Watch That Page allows you to add Web pages, it keeps track of when they update and it notifies you every time via e-mail. Awesome!

It’s also very easy to use. Just click on the Register link from the side menu and then fill out the form. Choose when you want your updates (daily, weekly or halt updates), choose what time you want them and then just hit the Update button. You’ll then be logged in and you can start adding pages right away!

To add a page, just type (or copy and paste) in the Web address of the site you want to watch and click on the Add button. The pages you add will appear below the Add fields.

Once you’re logged in, the menu appears across the top of the page in tab style. The available sections are:

Home – This will return you to the homepage, where you’ll find navigation on the side menu. You can also come here if you run into any problems. You can easily get to the FAQ page here and there’s a Page Problem Wizard as well.

Profile – You’ll recognize this page from when you registered! This is where you can change how often you get updates, when they come and you can even stop them if you wish.

Pages – This section should also look familiar. This is the page you land on after you register. Here you can see the pages you’ve added and add even more.

Changes – Here you can see the pages that have changed. If there haven’t been any changes, you’ll receive a message saying so. If some of your pages have changed, you’ll get a listing of them.

Logout – This, of course, logs you out.

Check this one out today!

~ Amanda