See Titles and Totals Simultaneously

If you frequently work with large amounts of data in MS Excel you may find yourself frustrated as you try to see both the column titles (at the top) and the column totals (at the bottom) at the same time.

You have probably tried to freeze the titles and then split the screen, thinking you could keep the totals in view in the bottom half of the split. But, of course, that didn’t do the trick, because any rows that are frozen are released as the worksheet is split on the screen. In other words, Excel just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate.

So, is there a way around those limitations to still get what you want?

Of course there is! In fact, there are a couple ways to do it.

Some of you may have decided that the best way to see both the column titles and totals simultaneously is to put the totals at the top with the titles. That way, when you freeze the rows, you include the total row too.

That certainly works, but if you’re like me, you just really like your totals at the bottom of the data column. So, what now?

Well, your solution can come in the form of a new window on the same file.

Yep, you read that correctly! Excel allows you to open multiple windows of the same file and each one can be set to display a different area of the worksheet.

With the workbook open, you’re looking for the Window menu, New Window choice. Or, for Excel 2007, you need the View ribbon, New Window button.

At this point, you have two windows open that contain the same workbook. To see them both, you need to arrange them properly.

For this step, you need the Window menu, Arrange choice (Arrange All button on the View ribbon in Excel 2007).

When the Arrange Windows dialogue box opens, choose Horizontal and then click OK.

Now, you have two views of the same workbook. You can also use each window’s border to resize as needed. For example, if all you want to see in the bottom window is the total row, you can scroll down to display the totals and make the window very narrow. You can then resize the top to fit the rest of the screen, maximizing your work space.

I should also mention that you can freeze rows in either window, allowing you to really have things your way. Titles and totals visible at all times, just the way you like it!

~ April