Glary Utilities

Today, I have a great utility program for you that is absolutely free, but before I get into that, I’d like to talk a little bit about utilities. There are so many utilities out there these days and it can be pretty overwhelming to try and decide which one is the best. In my opinion, none of them will ever correct everything on a computer. No matter what utility you use for registry cleanup, spyware removal, disk cleaning or file recovery, there will never be a utility that’s absolutely perfect in its ability to help your system. That’s why I recommend you have more than one utility program to make sure everything on your system is as good as can be.

Usually, the best way to do that is to have one you use as a main utility program and a second one to use as a backup. The main utility program should be one that runs all the time. It will be the one that runs the regular maintenance on your system and it will probably not be of the free download variety. One that WorldStart sells is System Mechanic. It’s a main utility type of program that runs all the time and it keeps everything up to date.

The secondary utility should be one that doesn’t run all the time on your computer. It should be one you open and use occasionally to clean up anything the main utility may have missed. This week’s free download is a great secondary utility program. It’s called Glary Utilities and it has a ton of features for cleaning and optimizing your system. It’s very easy to use and it doesn’t run in the background on your computer. You open it and run the parts the way you want, when you want. Some other features of Glary Utilities include: file recovery, shortcut fixer, file encrypting, memory optimizer, registry cleaner, disk cleanup and many more.

You can download Glary Utilities for yourself right here. Just click on the Download Now button to get started.

Note: While it’s a good idea to have more than one utility program, please do not confuse this with antivirus and firewall software. You should never have more than one firewall or antivirus program on your computer. Enjoy!

~ Gary