Beating the Photographer’s Block

Just like there’s a writer’s block, the same goes for photographers as well. You know, you just don’t feel like picking up your camera and going out to take pictures. You’ve just lost your drive to do it. But don’t worry! There are some easy ways to tackle your block and get back on your feet. Read on to learn how!

Take Your Mind for a Walk

There’s nothing like some fresh air to get you energized to start the day on a good note. Sometimes just a mere 15 or 30 minute exercise can do wonders. It will help to get your blood rushing and your brain going. It also helps to be in a new environment. The feeling of expansiveness opens up your tired mind and gets your creative juices flowing. If you take your camera along, you never know what great shot may come along next!

Challenge Yourself

You should challenge yourself to simply get out of your house and try to take three pictures within a half mile radius. What’s the catch? Well, the pictures have to be unusual and interesting. The more off-beat, the better! When thrown into such a challenge, most people’s minds tend to start working almost immediately. From picking out of the ordinary subjects to experimenting with new camera angles to juggling with the exposure settings, you end up taking some great photos and at the same time, you feel inspired to keep going.

Go on Photo Walks

It’s sometimes best to just gather two or three fellow photographers and go on a photo walk. Don’t pick the subject, just go with the flow. You never know what you can accomplish with such an open invitation. Another way to beat your block is to give yourself weekly assignments. You have to promise yourself you’ll do it and just embrace whatever comes up. That will get you going!

Maintain a Visual Diary

Whenever you spot a great photograph, a great setting for a photograph or a great idea for a photo project, simply jot them down in a diary and refer back to them when you need an inspirational idea. Make it a ritual and you’ll thank yourself later.

Flickr Your Way Through

Nothing beats the Internet when it comes to inspiring the photographer in you. Just visit and browse through all of the photographs. You can do that in one of two ways: either browse through all of the categories or stick to your favorites (sports, people, wildlife, etc). Doing that will get your mind going and before you know it, your block will be beat. Happy shooting!

~ Zahid H. Javali