Have you ever heard of the Session Restore feature in Firefox? If you’re an avid user of Mozilla’s browsing beauty, it’s likely you’re already using this feature, but just in case you don’t know what it is, I’m here today to fill you in!

The Session Restore feature basically restores a browsing session for you if Firefox happens to crash or your computer shuts down unexpectedly. For example, you’re working along in Firefox and you have close to 10 tabs open at once. Then all the sudden, it starts storming outside and your power goes out. When everything settles down and you turn your computer back on, you can open Firefox again and it will ask you if you want to restore your previous session or not. You can then either go back to what you were doing or start a brand new session. How cool is that?!

To set up the Session Restore feature for your Firefox browser, simply go to Tools, Options and under the Main tab, look for the first section that says “When Firefox starts.” Use the drop down menu and select “Show my windows and tabs from last time.” Click OK and you’ll be all set. You never have to worry about losing one of your browsing sessions again. So, go on and work in confidence!


~ Erin