Repair Pal

I have to admit that I’m leery of taking my car in for repairs. I always fear the mechanics will only see a woman and they’ll have dollar signs flashing in their eyes, because I might not know what they’re talking about. I’ve had salesmen try to talk me into purchasing extra services completely unrelated to my car problems, but unfortunately for them, I know my car!

With Repair Pal, you can get an idea of how much the repairs for your car should cost before you ever step foot inside a repair shop. It helps you to know how much your repairs should be, where to find the right shop in your area and it lets you keep track of everything right here in your account.

Registering is free! On the orange bar across the top of the page, you’ll see “Welcome! Sign In.” Click on Sign In. All you need is an e-mail address, a password and a username. Read through the terms and agreements and then click on the Register button. You’ll automatically be signed in and on the homepage again.

From here, you can Find a Repair Shop by typing in your city, state or zip code. Next, click on the Find a Repair Shop button. It will then generate a list and a map of all the repair shops near you. You can even see how the shop has been rated by other customers, as well as, rate it yourself.

You can also get Expert Advice by either clicking on the tab for it at the top of the page or from the link on the main page. What you’ll do once you’re there is put in the make, model and year of your car. Then click on the See Your Car button. That will take you to your car’s page, where you’ll see what common problems the car has.

From the Expert Advice section, you’ll also find the Auto Repair Encyclopedia, where you can look up information about different parts of your car. For example, Breaks, Engine, Suspension and Steering.

On the tabs across the main page, you’ll also find the Estimate category. Here you can get an estimate for the cost of a repair you’re going to need. You’ll put in the make, model and year of your car and then select a service to have done. Then put in your zip code and click on the Get Estimate button. That will take you to the page that has an estimate of the service you requested. It will even show you which shops offer that service and the price they charge.

If you get lost or have a question about this Web site, I recommend checking out the How Repair Pal Works section. It explains, in detail, how the site works and what you can expect from it. I hope you’ll find this as useful as I did!

~ Amanda