Paste and AutoCorrect Options: The Keyboard Way

Do you love the Paste and AutoCorrect Options found throughout the newer versions of the MS Office Suite? (You know, the ones with the little menus that pop up when you complete certain tasks. For example, when a copy/paste or an AutoCorrect is completed).

If you’ve ever taken a quick moment to look through the various options that show up in the menus, you know some of them can be pretty useful.

The problem for some arises when they have to move their fingers from the keyboard to the mouse to access the choices. For many people, time spent using the mouse is considered time wasted during the day.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d use those things a lot more if it didn’t require the mouse all the time?”

I bet some of you have had that exact thought, so today, I’m giving you the solution you’ve been waiting for!

To access a Paste or AutoCorrect Options menu, you first need to move the cursor back into the word or phrase to which it is attached. (You’ll know you’re there when the little blue rectangle appears below the word, notifying you of the menu’s presence).

Now, it’s just a matter of Alt + Shift + F10.

Once you’ve completed the key combination, the menu opens, allowing you to move within it using the arrow keys.

When you’ve highlighted your selection, hit the Enter key. (If you wish to exit the menu without making any changes, try the Esc key).

Voila. Your wish is the Office Suite’s command!

~ April