With all the gadgets I have, I sometimes need help getting them hooked up so that they all work together. But with Wirewize, I’ll never be confused again. Wirewize is a Web site devoted to helping you sort out your wires to get everything connected properly.

To begin, click on the Get Started button. That will take you to the registration page. All you need to do is supply a working e-mail address and create a password. That will then take you to the page where you can start putting in the components you have by clicking on the Start Setting Up My System button.

Now, what you do is select the components you have from the drop down box. For example, Television, A/V Receiver, DVD, Game Console or Other.

Next, select the make and model. (You can usually find the model number on the bottom of the unit). It will show you the component and if it’s the right one, you can click on the link just below it. That will take you on to the next page where you can select Add Another Component or if you’re finished, you can see Your Cable Recommendations. I added two game consoles, a television and two DVD players.

Once you have all your components added, it will show you a listing of cables you’ll need to set up. Now, I have all my cables, because they came with the components and I didn’t need anything special to get it all together. So, if you have all your cables, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the I’ve Got My Cables button.

That will take you to the setup instructions. The instructions are step by step, with images to help you along. The images are nice and big and they tell you exactly what everything is. It’s much better than a manual!

Twenty-four steps later and I’m all set up and everything is running smoothly. The thing I like the most about this site is it saves your configuration, so you can log in the next time you have something to add and just update your information.

I hope this Web site will make setting up your home theater system (even if it’s just a television and DVD player) a breeze. I know it made things a lot easier for me!


~ Amanda