Write Rhymes

So, you need to find a rhyme for a word and you’re just not having any luck. Well, never fear, because Write Rhymes is here!

How does it work? You just type in the word you need a rhyme for, highlight it and then press the Alt key while you click on the highlighted word. That will then generate some rhymes for the word on the opposite side of the page.

If you can’t see the words it generates, simply highlight that side of the page by holding your left mouse button down and dragging the mouse over that area. That will highlight the text there. I don’t know why they chose to use white text for the results, but it still doesn’t take away from the overall coolness of the site!

If you find the word you’re looking for, you can click on it and it will be added to the text box along with your original word. You can then choose between these options at the bottom of the page: Save, Copy and Print.

So, the next time you’re in need of a rhyme, just check out this Web site!


~ Amanda