I love to find lyrics to songs I like. I feel I can get a better understanding of the song or I can double check a lyric to make sure I heard it right. But the one thing I have always hated about lyric Web sites is all the pop ups you have to wade through. Well, not anymore. Now, there’s lyricsfly!

And as far as lyric sites go, let me tell you, I’m in love! Not only can you search by Artist, Song, Album or Lyrics, but you can submit lyrics, correct lyrics and so much more.

You all know I love Charlotte Martin, so the first thing I did was an Artist search to see if any of her songs’ lyrics made it on the site. I was happy to find Wild Horses.

On the page with the lyrics, you’ll find that you can Print, E-mail, Correct and even Delete the lyrics. You will also find that they list similar artists and sometimes, there will even be an MP3 file you can listen to.

Under the Info tab, you’ll learn about ways to better search for the lyrics you’re looking for. You will also find information about the Web site and its goals.

This is a great lyrics site, so be sure to check it out today!

~ Amanda