I ran into a problem the other day. I needed to know how big an envelope was, but I couldn’t find a tape measure or a ruler to save my life. So, I started looking online for one and ran into this Web site!

Screen-o-Meter is a site that allows you to measure things online with your monitor’s screen. All you need to know is the size of the screen your monitor has. If you were to measure it, you would measure the diagonal length of the screen from corner to corner. The site is set up to work with TFT and LCD monitors, but with some adjustments, you can use it with a CRT monitor as well.

To begin measuring, set the monitor screen size. Choose the correct one from the drop down box on the right hand side of the page.

Next, select how long you want the Screen-o-Meter to be. Then click on the Let’s See button. That will take you to the page where your ruler will load.

On the Measurement page, you can test it to see if it’s accurate. You’ll put in your screen size and then click on the Check button. When the page loads, there will be a large orange circle. If a CD or DVD fits in the circle perfectly, you know you are calibrated right and you’re getting precise measurements.

Back on the main page, under the Main Measurement field, you’ll see a link for a rectangular ruler. That’s how you would measure envelopes and such. You just put in the dimensions you’re trying to get and it makes a ruler for it. For example, you could do 3×5, 5×7, 8×11, etc.

Seeing as I can never find a ruler or tape measure when I need one, I know I’ll be using this Web site a lot. I hope you will too!

~ Amanda