Bicycle Tutor

When I was growing up, I didn’t miss an opportunity to be out riding my bike. My dad took his time to teach me how to repair and take care of my bike, but if you never got a formal training, you can come to this Web site instead. It’s called Bicycle Tutor and it’s awesome!

On the main page, you’ll find 10 featured repair how-to videos. You can click on the image to go to that video’s page. You’ll also find a navigation strip along the top of the page. The sections are:

Home – This will bring you back to the main page from any section.

Repair Guide – Here you’ll find all the tutorials, videos and guides you need to get your bike repaired or back in shape. You’ll even find a handy tune up guide! You can also click on the bike in the picture on the page and it will show you different tutorials for the part of the bike you clicked on.

Requests – Here you can search the requests people have put in for a tutorial, as well as, make a request for a tutorial that hasn’t been done yet.

Blog – Here you can stay in touch with what’s happening with the site’s author and tutorial maker.

About – In this section, you’ll learn all about self-proclaimed bicycle geek Alex Ramon, who is the author of the site and the creator of the fabulous tutorials.

Contact – Would you like to get in touch with the author of the site? If so, simply use the form on this page.

And, of course, no site would be complete without a search engine. You’ll find it in the top right corner of every page on the site. Just type in some keywords for what you’re searching for and click Go!

This is a fantastic tutorial Web site. Enjoy!

~ Amanda