YouTube Account Types

Have you ever wondered what all the YouTube account types mean? You know, there’s the Director, Guru, Comedian and so many others. Well, if you’ve ever been curious about them, keep reading and you’ll find out!

As you’ve probably noticed, below every channel’s profile picture sits an account type. But what do those types mean? I’ve compiled a list of all the benefits of each account type, so let’s check it out!


A Director is someone who directs shows. A director gets to put a custom logo on their profile page and their profile pictures look something like this:


The Musician YouTube account is for bands and soloists who play or create music. Along with a custom logo, musicians get to put their genre, tour dates and a link to their Web site on their profile page. They have profile pictures that look like this:


The Comedian account type is for anyone who does any type of comedy, whether it’s stand-up, parody, satire or sketch. It’s exactly the same as a Musician account, except their tour dates are listed as show dates instead. Here’s what a comedian’s profile picture looks like:


And last, but not least is the Guru account type. Gurus are meant to create videos that show viewers how to do something, such as speak Spanish, for example. They get a logo and a link to their Web site. Here’s an example of a guru’s profile picture:

Well, now you know all about the different YouTube account types. If you’d like to change your account type to include some of these features, just click on Edit Channel while you’re on your Channel page. Easy as pie!

~ Brandon Zubek