Dusting Off Your Photos



It’s sometimes normal to end up with bad spots on your photos because of dust that collected on your camera’s sensor. Luckily, you can use Photoshop Lightroom to remove those dust spots and make your photos look like new. It’s very quick and easy, so let’s get right to it! Just follow the tips below to clean up your photos:

1.) First, you need to pick your picture. The worse the picture is, the better the procedure will go.

2.) Open Photoshop Lightroom and highlight Develop Module. Use the Remove Spots tool right below your photograph and select Heal. Once that tool is activated, point it to the dust spot on your picture and left click. Photoshop Lightroom will then make that the default “heal spot” location that you can apply to any photo that has a dust spot in the same place. If you want to tweak the location a bit, you can drag the circle around until you find the best healing spot. You can then repeat the same procedure for any other dust spots visible on your images.

3.) Once all the spots have been selected and healed, you’re ready to apply the changes to any other photos you have. Even while selecting the edited image, you can highlight the other images you want to correct with the slider bar at the bottom. While holding down the Ctrl key, you can select individual images. Once you’ve selected all the images you want to clean up, you can click on Develop and then Sync Settings.

4.) Go to the Synchronize Settings screen and check the box that says Dust Removal. Then click on Synchronize. Depending on the number of images, dust spots and the speed of your computer, Photoshop Lightroom will take anywhere between a few minutes to an hour to erase all the marks.

5.) Even though the automatic healing spot is located in every picture, you have room to change the location for each individual image. All you need to do is select the Remove Spots tool as you click through every image. Once you do that, you’re given the option of moving the heal location at will. That means, you don’t need to create a new healing spot. You only need to adjust its location for every individual image. Happy dusting!

~ Zahid H. Javali