I have something really cool for those of you who use flash drives!

Usually, I write about one or two free programs I have found, but today, I’m going to write about an entire Web site full of free programs. The site is called portableapps.com and it has tons of absolutely free applications that are designed specifically to be installed on a flash drive. All of the applications can be installed on a flash drive and instantly used on any computer you plug it into.

The Web site offers a bundle of programs called a suite, which includes a word processor, an e-mail program, a password utility, a calendar and even a Sudoku game. I installed the suite on my flash drive and I just love it! I can take my flash drive to any computer, plug it in and instantly have my documents and e-mails, just like it’s my own computer.

If you don’t want all of the programs, you can install them individually. There are dozens of portable applications to choose from.

You can check out all of the portable applications right here.

Here’s a quick note about installing the applications: make sure you have your flash drive plugged in when you download the apps. After you start the installer, it will ask you where you want to install them. To do it correctly, choose the drive letter of your flash drive and then continue on with the installation. That should be all you need. Enjoy!

~ Gary