Google’s Going Trendy

Would you call Google a trendy company? While I don’t really think their homepage is all that flashy, I hear Google’s California office, the Googleplex, is a pretty trendy place to work. So, doesn’t it make sense that just a little bit of the Google search should be made trendy too? Well, let’s see what we can do about that!

Google Trends is a nifty service that lets you examine general search trends over time. Simply put, you enter in a popular search term and you are presented with graphs of search volume based on time, location and language.

Here’s an explanation of Google Trends’ most interesting functions.

Search Volume Over Time

Google Trends allows you to look at search volume on a timeline with corresponding news stories. It’s interesting to look at event related search terms. Earlier this year, the generation of Aboriginal Australians, dubbed the “Stolen Generation,” were offered an apology by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Not surprisingly, the search volume for the term “Stolen Generation” was increased ten-fold in the first half of 2008. And that’s just one example of how this function comes in handy!

Search Volume By Location

You can also look at the search volume by country or by city. I think the city search volume stats are really interesting. Take, for example, a Trends search for “John Kerry.” Out of the top three cities shown, two are in Massachusetts, the state for which Kerry is a Senator. That’s probably not just a coincidence!

Also, when you’re looking at popular tourist destinations, like Phuket, it’s possible to gauge who’s more interested in going. Take a look at the Trends search below. It looks like mostly Thais are interested in Phuket as a holiday destination, followed by Singapore and Hong Kong. Since Singapore (2nd) is closer to Phuket geographically than Switzerland (10th), it all makes sense.

Search Volume By Language

Lastly, you can also search by language. When you search for a term, the top 10 languages appear in order of the search volume for each Google localized service. Cool, huh?!

Now, go out there and be sure to stay trendy!

~ Brandon Zubek