Safe Manuals

Are you sick of looking for the manual every time you want to set the clock on your VCR or DVD player? Are you tired of looking for the manual to your printer to see exactly how to replace the ink cartridge? Have you lost the manual to your digital camera or microwave?

Well, have no fear, because Safe Manuals is here! With this Web site, you’ll never have to hunt through your paperwork for a manual ever again. Just come here and download it! I’m usually pretty good at keeping my manuals in a safe place, but I got a digital camera at a garage sale that had no manual. So, in order to learn how to use it, I had to find one online, which brought me here!

One thing I adore about this site is all the languages it’s available in. You can select your language underneath the orange alphabetical navigation strip. I counted 26 different languages and they’re looking to add more soon.

There are several ways you can search for a manual:

1.) You can use the search engine at the top of the page.
2.) You can use the alphabetical navigation bar to select the first letter of the manufacturer’s name.
3.) You can use the Browse Manufacturer’s section on the right side of the page, which is also listed alphabetically.
4.) You can use the Brand and Product search engine in the middle of the page, where you select the brand and your product.

Registration for the site is free! What does registering get you, you ask? Well, you’ll get your own personal space so that you can save the manuals you’ve searched for. To register, go to the drop down box in the top center of the page and select Register. That will take you to the screen where you can fill out the registration form.

Once you’re registered, any manual you download will automatically be added to your personal space. You’ll be able to get to them via the same drop down box you used to find the registration link.

This Web site is a wonderful utility and I think it will become even more useful as time goes on and we acquire more technology. Enjoy!

~ Amanda