Watermelon is by far one of my favorite summer time foods! It’s only surpassed by my love affair with strawberries. They are, however, my favorite melon of all time. Here on the National Watermelon Promotion Board Web site, they want to let you know how healthy watermelon is and that it can be a year round delight. Eating watermelon all year round? I’m in, how about you?!

Now, I’ll be honest. What got me here were the watermelon recipes. I was looking for something fun to do with watermelon, other than my usual cut and serve style of eating it. I was shocked by how many other things you can do with watermelon. There are a ton of desserts, savory dishes and drinks too!

On the navigation strip along the top, you’ll find the following sections: Watermelon Lovers, Kids, Media, Retailers, Industry Members, Food Service, Educators and Health Professionals.

Watermelon Lovers – Here you will find recipes, fun facts, nutritional information, statistics, carving and even how to select a watermelon. Did you know that a watermelon is 92 percent water? Do you want to know how seedless watermelons are grown? Would you like to find a fun new way to serve watermelon? Well, you can learn all of that and more in this section!

Kids – Here you’ll find fun ideas for things to do with watermelons with your kids, as well as, some games and activities they can play. Have you ever thought of making a jack-o-lantern with a watermelon? Well, now you can find out how!

Media – This section provides resources for people in the media to do segments on watermelon. Whether it’s an article or you need some photos, make sure you stop by this section.

Retailers – Here you will find a very informative video on watermelon that the site provides for retailers to help them understand how best to market watermelon and why they should sell it year round. You’ll also find consumer research, heart health information and why it’s a lycopene leader.

Food Service – This section reaches out to those who are in the food service industry. It offers them recipes and ideas on how to include watermelon on their menus!

Educators – This section reaches out to teachers, offering them a toolkit, complete with lessons, games and activities, facts and kids recipes!

Health Professionals – This section goes over the health aspects of watermelon consumption. Here you can learn all about what vitamins it has and how it can be included in a healthy diet to benefit your health. You can even learn how it can be beneficial to pregnant women, children, men, women, people with diabetes, cancer patients and more.

I hope this Web site inspires you to go get some watermelon. I know it sure has made me hungry for some!


~ Amanda