The Atlas of the Universe

Have you ever wondered what the universe looks like? The thought often crosses my mind when I’m out stargazing. This Web site gives you nine maps that help you see what the universe looks like. Cool, huh?!

Each map is approximately ten times the size of the previous one. You’ll start out at 12.5 light years from the sun and end up 14 billion light years from the sun. That’s quite a journey!

Once you click into a map, you can continue your journey by clicking on Zoom Out. That will take you to the next map. You can also click on Zoom In to return to the previous map.

Below each map, you’ll find information that pertains to what you’re seeing on the map. For example, on the second map, you can learn all about the Hyades Star Cluster.

You may also find links to additional maps beneath the map you’re viewing. For example, on the first map, you’ll find a link to a map that shows where Earth is.

Back on the main page, beneath all the map links, you’ll find links to a Glossary, Useful Links and Negative Images.

One other thing I love about this site is it’s available in seven different languages!

I hope you enjoy this exploration into the universe!

~ Amanda