America’s Byways

Welcome to America’s Byways, a Web site dedicated to routing out all the fantastic things you can do and see in this country!

On the main page, you can click through a delightful slideshow of images from all around the United States. Or, you can listen in on the America’s Byways podcast.

With the price of gas these days, it’s hard to even imagine going on a road trip. But, with careful planning, it can still be done and enjoyed! For tips on successfully planning a trip, I highly recommend checking out the Trips on Tankful section. It will give you ideas of where you can go near you. Plus, it’s divided up by different regions of the country.

Along the navigation strip, you’ll find:

Explore Byways – Here you’ll find a map of the United States, with two different colored stars scattered on it. Red stars indicate an All American Road, while the blue stars indicate a National Scenic Byway.

You can navigate the map by clicking on a state and viewing all the byways for it. Or, you can navigate by scrolling down past the map and looking at what each state has to offer.

Share Experiences – Have you recently taken a trip and want to share the experience? If so, this is the perfect place to do that! Choose a byway from the drop down box and click on the Continue button. (You’ll need to register for an account, so just fill out the form. It’s easy and free! Just make sure you click on the link in the confirmation e-mail you get). Now, fill out the form with your experience, add a photo if you’d like and click Continue. It will then head off to the reviewers who will approve or deny it for inclusion on the site.

You’ll also find other people’s experiences in this section. You can choose from:

America’s Byways – Here you can browse byways alphabetically by state.

Other Byways – Here you can browse USDA Forest Byways, BLM Back Country Byways and America’s Byways and National Wildlife Refuges. You’ll also find state designated byways listed here.

Or Byway Activities – Here you can browse by specific activities. For example, bird watching, fishing, museums, skiing and more!

About Byways – Here you’ll discover what a byway is, as well as, the definition of a scenic byway.

Even if you don’t take road trips very often, you can take a lovely armchair visit by browsing through this site!

~ Amanda