Google’s Own Web Browser

Just when you thought you had the latest and greatest in Web browsers, along comes another one that changes the competition completely!

I’m talking about the brand new Web browser made by Google, called Google Chrome.

Google Chrome was released on Tuesday (September 2, 2008) as a beta edition and it has already caught the attention of many Web users.

The new browser has so many features, but it’s so simple to use! One of my favorite features is the address/search box at the top of the page. Until now, every other browser has had two boxes: one for searching and one for addresses. But Google Chrome combines them. Just type what you want in to the one box you see and it automatically knows what to look for. Cool, huh?!

Another great feature is the independent tabs. Have you ever been using multiple tabs on your browser and the whole thing crashed on you? Everything was lost and it was such a pain to fix! Well, with Google Chrome, if one tab stops working, you can close it out and not lose a thing!

There are so many features, there’s no way I could list them all here. I say if you’re looking to improve your Web browsing experience, try Google Chrome for yourself. When you install it, you will be given a full page of tutorials that show you how to use everything involved.

You can download Google Chrome for yourself right here. Enjoy!

~ Gary