More on Google Chrome

I know we talked a little about this yesterday, but here’s some more information about Google Chrome for you!

As you have heard, Google has finally designed and built a Web browser of its own. And like all Google products, it’s different, yet unique. This past Monday (September 1, 2008), Google announced in their blog that they would be releasing their new open source Web browser, titled Google Chrome, on September 2, 2008 in over 100 countries.

Since we spend a majority of our time on the Internet searching, chatting, e-mailing and communicating, instead of just viewing simple text pages, Google decided to create a Web browser focused on graphical, interactive Web sites and Web based applications. “What we really needed was not just a browser, but also a modern platform for Web pages and applications. And that’s what we set out to build,” stated the Google blog.

With the release of Google Chrome, other browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera will now have some major competition, which might cause the other browsers to introduce new features that rival Google Chrome. Internet Explorer 7 holds about 73 percent of the Web browser market, according to Net Applications. So, if Google wants to take a piece of that away from Microsoft, they have a major battle ahead of them!

Google even released a comic book, drawn by Scott McCloud, that introduces the features of Google Chrome. The comic book is available here if you’re interested in seeing it. By starting from scratch and building their own foundation, Google hopes their browser will eventually dominate the market. The new Web browser has already been released for Windows and versions for Mac OS and Linux are on the way.

Give Google Chrome a try for yourself today!

~ Jack William