Dial a Human

I can’t begin to tell you how tired I am of trying to get ahold of real people at some of the companies I deal with. How about you? Well, now, there’s something else you can try!

This Web site has compiled a list of company phone numbers and what you have to do to get ahold of a real human being. For example, first on the list is AAA. It gives you the real phone number and then tells you to press 0 after the introduction and select emergency road service. That will get you a human being to talk to, instead of a machine with programmed options.

There are several ways you can view the company listings. You’ll find a menu on the left side of the page with these options: By Category List and By Alphabet. On the side menu, you’ll also find:

Send a New Number – This opens an e-mail window. Provide the number, the name of the company and what you did to get ahold of a human there and then send it off!

Report a Bad Number – This also opens a new e-mail window. Simply send in your report of a phone number that doesn’t work.

Report a Bad Link – This is the same as the phone number report, except it’s for broken links on the Web site.

I hope this site helps you reach a human being!


~ Amanda