If you’re a regular Firefox user, you’ve probably noticed that some Web sites are designed just for Internet Explorer. Occasionally, you’ll also get a plug-in that doesn’t work in Firefox either. Tired of that happening all the time? Then report it!

To report something that’s “broken” in Firefox, hit the Help button in the top toolbar and then click on Report Broken Web Site. There are quite a few types of broken sites and I’ll do my best to explain them. Here we go!

1.) Browser Not Supported – I don’t see this one very much, because Firefox is becoming more of a mainstream Web browser, but if you find a site that’s just not supported by Firefox, hit the Report button!

2.) Plug-in Not Shown – This is the one I hate the most! The Firefox Plug-in Finder usually finds the correct plug-in and installs it for you, but there are always exceptions. The most troublesome is the Windows Media Player 11 plug-in, so watch out for that!

3.) Other Content Missing – This one’s a general “report” category. Web sites that look like the image below (for example, a side menu or navigation bar, but no content) should be reported using the Report button.

4.) Can’t Log In – If you try to access your office’s Intranet from home, you’re probably familiar with this problem. If you’re absolutely sure it’s not your fault for forgetting your password and not the Intranet’s fault, use the Report button.

Those four are the most important report categories. There are others, but they’re really minor and shouldn’t cause you many problems. Knowing all of this should make your relationship with the Internet much more stress free. Enjoy it!

~ Brandon Zubek