Have you ever wanted to make a diary of your thoughts and feelings? Maybe you’d like to do a short one to keep track of a certain event, such as a wedding, illness or job change. Are you looking for something that’s free and private? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

At Diary.com, you can create a diary that’s private and easy to use. You have the option of sharing the content, but you certainly don’t have to. Plus, unlike most blog Web sites, Diary is private by default.

I like the way sharing works here too. Rather than making your posts public, you can create a shared diary where not only can your friends and family read what you post, but they can contribute to it as well!

Signing up is easy! Just click on Sign Up, fill out the form and then click on the Sign Up button again. You can start right away by uploading a picture of yourself and then you can begin posting to your diary.

Posting is really easy. On the green bar, you’ll find a blank text box where you can just start typing. When you’re done, simply click on Add Entry.

To upload an image, MP3 or a document, just click on the Upload button, select it from where you have it saved on your computer and then click on the Upload button once more.

This is a great way to keep a diary without the hassle of finding a pen and a book to write in. You can add to it whenever you have time, you can e-mail your entries to it and you can always comment on it when a new thought pops in your head. Check it out today!


~ Amanda