One Stop Shopping

Ever find yourself trying to create a calendar for printing or displaying in one of your MS Office programs?

You probably picked a program, went to its templates and looked around for something to suit your needs.

But what about the other programs in your Office Suite? Do any of them have a calendar template that would meet your needs even better?

How can you find out without going through each program’s template choices?

I mean, I personally would have to check Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and even Excel.

That’s too much wasted time and yet, I still want to make sure I’m making the best choice possible.

So, now what?

I vote for a list that has templates for a variety of Office programs and that’s exactly what you’ll find with Microsoft’s template downloads.

Now, the next question is, where can you find them?

Well, I found an easy link on Microsoft’s template download page located here.

Once you’re there, across the top, you’ll see featured links for the calendar choices.

The “2009 calendars” link has an obvious meaning. As for the “2008-09 calendars” choice, you’ll find it links you to academic calendars and then allows you to choose from this school year, the next school year or previous school years.

As you look through the template choices, you’ll find that each one works in one of the Office Suite programs and a lot of the programs are represented throughout the list.

Find one you like, click its link and then click on the Download button.

Microsoft will do the rest for you and you’ll soon be looking at the calendar of your choice in whatever program it works with.

Now, that’s what I call one stop shopping!

~ April