The Case of the Missing Ruler

Today’s tip comes from a recent question posed by a reader. It seems as if, while working in MS Word on a letterhead template, the reader realized the vertical ruler on the left side of the screen was missing.

So, the obvious questions were “Where did it go?” and “How do I get it back?”

While I can’t be positive as to the exact steps taken by any user to create a situation, I do have an educated guess!

In older versions of Word (not the 2007 version), there’s a Normal View choice located in the View window.

That view doesn’t tend to show as much while editing as the Print Layout view does. For example, it doesn’t display headers or footers on the page and it only shows the horizontal ruler across the top of the page.

If you want to see the vertical ruler, you need to switch to the Print Layout view under the View menu.

That view displays both rulers, allowing you to double check that the vertical spacing is correct for items such as letterheads and other special papers.

Case closed!

~ April