Get the Info Quick

Do you use the Research feature found under the Review tab on the ribbon in MS Word 2007? You know, the handy function that provides a definition, translation and thesaurus information all in one concise location.


How do you access it?

Do you go to the Review tab, click on the Research button and then enter a word or phrase into the Research pane?

Seems like a lot of steps, especially if you already have the word or phrase in your document. Nobody likes to spend their time duplicating efforts, now do they?

I’m sure you’re now wondering if there’s any way to bypass all those steps and get right to business.

Good idea!

So, let’s do just that.

The next time you need to research a word, simply hold down the Alt key and click on the word.

You’ll find that the Research pane opens with the word already entered and the information you were seeking is immediately available. (The word “quick” was clicked and as you can see, the research pane has already displayed the requested information).

If it’s an entire phrase you need help with, simply highlight the phrase, hold down the Alt key and click on the phrase.

I also found that this worked to some degree in Excel 2007. It seemed to work on a cell’s entire contents. I couldn’t seem to get it to look up an individual word unless that was the only thing in the cell. But it did quickly research the entire phrase located in a cell.

Voila. Lots and lots of information with just a quick key and click!

~ April