Get to the Point

Do you find yourself inserting a lot of shapes in MS PowerPoint 2007?

Are you happy with the choices the Shapes button under the Insert tab on the ribbon has to offer?

I’m sure you’re pleased most of the time, but what about the rest of the time?

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve had occasions where you wished the shape was slightly different. And while you changed what you could, you never got it to be exactly what you were looking for.

Sound familiar?

Well, today, I’ve got what has to be the ultimate in changing the shape of Shapes, so let’s get right to business!

The first thing you need to do in PowerPoint 2007 is draw the shape you’re looking to alter (Shape button under the Insert tab on the ribbon).

Once you have a shape drawn and selected, you should see that the ribbon now contains a Format tab under the Drawing Tools category.

That’s where you’ll find the Edit Shape button within the Insert Shapes section on the far left.

The first time you click on the Edit Shape button, choose Convert to Freeform.

Now, return to the Edit Shape button and choose Edit Points.

That will place points on the shape in various locations.

Those points aren’t for simply resizing the shape. Dragging individual points allows you to alter the shape in ways you couldn’t before.

With a bit of experimentation, you’ll find that you can change the shape a whole lot or just a little.

When you get down to the “points,” it’s really all up to you!

~ April