Have you ever found yourself trying to spell something and you’re not quite sure what the correct spelling is? For example, their and thier.

Well, with this Web site, you can put each word into a blank box and click on the WebSource.it button. That will then search Google and show you the amount of hits each word receives.

Their has 2,470,000,000 results.
Thier has 20,700,000 results.

That is a huge difference, so you could assume that “their” is the correct spelling.

You can also use it to compare words, such as fun and work.

Fun has 115,000,000 results.
Work has 193,000,000 results.

Apparently, people are too busy having fun to write about it, whereas, they have plenty to say about work.

It’s really easy to use and I’m sure there are even more uses for it than just the obvious ones I’ve pointed out.

Either way, it’s really fun to compare words and I hope you enjoy this Web site as much as I did!


~ Amanda