New Greasemonkey Script: Video Embed

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about a good Greasemonkey script, but I have a great one for you today! It seems as if the YouTube craze has taken over, doesn’t it? Every blog and Web site you go to has at least a few videos on it. Some Web sites even have an embedded video player, which is really helpful, but I’m sure you’ve stumbled across a site that only gives you the video links instead. Am I right? Well, the Greasemonkey script I have for you today allows you to convert those links into a video player. Sound like a good idea? I thought you might think so. Let’s check it out!

1.) As always, you first need to have Firefox and the Greasemonkey add on installed.

2.) To get the Video Embed script, head on over to this Web site and click on the Install This Script button.

3.) The script will then install and you’re done! Now, let’s test it out.

4.) If you have the script installed right, you should see a little YouTube player, like this.

5.) That’s actually just a text link to a YouTube video, but with the Video Embed script installed, it’s automatically converted to a video player. Pretty nifty, huh?!

By the way, this script converts Google and Metacafe video links as well. Enjoy!

~ Neil Patel