Vista Search: Date Range

Searching for files according to their date ranges can be very confusing, but it’s actually extremely easy with Windows Vista. The following guidelines will help you get the job done!

Date Range Searching with the Keyboard

If you’re a keyboard junkie, you can easily select a date range by using the following syntax in the search box for any folder: “modified:2/1/2008 .. 2/20/2008” (without the quotes).

The key is the two periods between the dates. Those tell the search engine to use it as a range. You could also use “Datecreated” or just “date” if you prefer.

If you want to change the search to use keywords as well, you can use something like this: “parameter like this: name:xls modified:2/1/2008..2/20/2008” (without the quotes).

It’s quite powerful once you get used to it!

Date Range Searching with the Mouse

If you don’t really like using the keyboard, you probably don’t want to mess with remembering the exact syntax you need to type in. But don’t worry, there’s another way to do it. Just open up the Advanced search by hitting the F3 key with an Explorer window open (or, if you’re using Vista pre-SP1, you can use the Search option under the Start menu).

Now, change the Date drop down to “Date Modified” and “is.” Then pop up the date range box.

Once you have the date range box open, you can just click on the first date and drag the mouse to select more dates.

You can even click on the month to select the whole month or multiple months. The key thing is, once you have the selection how you want it, you need to click somewhere else.

Of course, you’ll have the best luck if you also put a file name into the Name box and select the right folder location to search in. Happy searching!

~ Ramachandran Kumaraswami